New Listing: 2-Family Income Producer in Maspeth!

Here is fantastic opportunity for someone looking to invest in Queens real estate. We have just listed two-family house in the best part of Maspeth.  Being situated close to shopping, buses, schools, houses of worship this 25 feet-wide building also offers desirable layout. In recent years renting out became very popular in Maspeth because of the close proximity to Manhattan, express buses within walking distance, and, what is unusual in Queens, because of the low density area which offers peaceful living near the city that never sleeps. There are more and more investors who currently appreciate Maspeth. Many buyers simply purchase their multiple family dwellings to occupy one unit and collect rent from other apartments. Yet there’s a growing group of investing families/organizations who don’t intend to live-in. Their goal is to use two and more family homes as 100% income-producing properties. It works great for our investors. After all this area contains numerous rental properties.  Why? Renting in Maspeth is easy for many reasons. Some are mentioned above and there are others. Since pricing in the surrounding areas indicates tendencies not easily affordable for many investors, Maspeth stays approachable. Even investors-friendly. How long we’ll be able to take advantage of this market? Well, if someone says they know, don’t listen. None of the experienced agents would even dare to play real-estate-Nostradamus. At the same time we all know for certain that current price-friendliness will not last forever. There are plenty of smart investors who learned that waiting for prices to go down in desirable areas rarely follows their expectations. And yes, Maspeth is already one of those areas! Buyers who are aware of  it will win.  So don’t wait.  Any popular real estate website will guide you thru the asking prices in Maspeth. Some will share with you selling prices as well. Do your research, so it’ll become easy to understand why the house we’ve just listed will not stay available very long. Get pre-qualified for a loan (if needed) and call for appointment!

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